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Dotman 2 Teaser

2015-01-03 18:52:12 by hicham


Dotman 2
improved :
smoother art , better music , smooth and new movements ,  story line , new characters , soundtrack , voice actors , more bosses, longer gameplay , and more

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Dotman still not dead

2015-01-03 05:56:42 by hicham

Hey guys , dotman 2 is in the making. I will start posting updates on my newgrounds account and the kenoxgames facebook

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Dotman 2

2014-01-14 14:55:18 by hicham

I'm developping dotman 2 guys , here is some information :

Its going to have alot of voice acting in it , story , new art , smoother controlls , fps is now higher  , new soundtrack , explotions , lazers ,  and probably more explotions.


i'll post updates on newgrounds , stay tuned

ps : its freaking hd.

Dotman comic! comic soon

2013-12-23 05:07:06 by hicham


In the middle the professor who created dotman

I'm working on a new look for dotman.

2013-11-23 04:48:41 by hicham

Hey guys
I'm not sure whether to use this or not but see for your self wich one is better. Private message me if you have any ideas

I'm working on a new look for dotman.

dotman HD

2013-11-23 02:43:53 by hicham

if dotman gets 20,000 views i'll make a HD version of dotman :)

cool gameplay

2013-11-19 06:58:08 by hicham

some dude made a gameplay, check it out!

fun fact

2013-11-14 12:53:10 by hicham

my name is hicham.
the name is so apart that nobody on Newgrounds used it as username.

Thanks Newgrounds!

2013-11-10 09:50:35 by hicham

Thanks users of newgrounds for all the support and my followers!

Thanks Newgrounds!